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Keep the code open source.

Keep the licensing developer friendly.

The code you love with a license developers can earn a living from.

How It Works

1. Developers create their Ligit License™ and update their open source code
2. You purchase a commercial license allowing you the permissions of the MIT License after you purchase.
3. You get to keep using the code you need and the team behind the project gets compensated.

For Sellers

1. Sellers create a project on LIGIT, choosing the price and business model (either one time fee, or monthly subscription).
2. Embed a snippet in your README allowing people to purchase directly from GitHub, BitBucket or wherever the open source code is managed.
3. Buyers purchase a commercial license which, after purchase, allows them the permissions of the MIT License but only after purchase or for the duration of an active subscription

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LIGIT is a SugarKubes company

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